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VMware Cloud

The Software-Defined Data Center as an on-demand service

Bridge the gap to hybrid architecture adoption with VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud enables your organization to overcome challenges around the adoption of a hybrid architecture, such as learning new tools and implementing new processes, by bringing your VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)-based workloads to the cloud. If your organization is looking to increase agility, reduce costs, and focus on core business initiatives instead of data center management, VMware Cloud can help.

VMware Cloud is designed to provide seamless integration with the broad and rich set of capabilities, including compute, database, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), security, and more.

With VMware Cloud, you can continue to use familiar VMware tools to manage VMware-based workloads, without having to purchase custom hardware or rewrite applications—all while benefitting from the functionality, elasticity, and security customers have come to expect from the cloud.

VMware Cloud Integration Solution

Scale seamlessly across a hybrid datacenter using VMware SDDC management framework extended to the cloud and leverage an on demand hyper converged infrastructure. All of this without the need to refactor your applications. Appreciate the full extent of the value that VMware in the cloud has to offer by engaging Aritex consulting for your hybrid strategy and deployment.

Modernize your legacy Windows workloads

Migrate unsupported 32-bit Windows Server operating systems now and begin modernizing in an agile, scalable, and secure cloud environment.

Why organizations are moving mission-critical workloads to the cloud

For a long time, technical decision makers have avoided moving mission-critical workloads, such as Microsoft applications, out of their on-premises data centers. However, as more and more enterprises successfully run enterprise applications on the cloud — reducing costs, increasing agility, and spending less time on non-strategic IT initiatives in the process — organizations are realizing that running their own mission-critical applications on the cloud isn’t merely feasible — it’s necessary. If you want to maintain and strengthen competitive advantage and deliver superior value for your customers, the constraints of legacy technology are a significant hindrance.

Microsoft Windows Migration Service

Aritex consulting can convert your Windows workloads to a 64 bit Windows operating environment to take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability in the cloud. We work closely with you to understand and deliver to your unique mission critical requirements for security, compliance, high availability and disaster recovery. Whether considering a hybrid or full scale cloud deployment put Aritex consulting experience and knowledge to work. We offer complete solutions, custom engineering services and support for our clients.

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